Monday, August 25, 2008

Marine life

Oliver and I went to the pool on Saturday and because I hadn't checked the schedule for recreational swimming, we were an hour early and walked in on an aquatic exercise class.

At first I thought we'd have to wait but a lifeguard said we could use a quiet corner of the pool. This meant using the deep end, and Oliver was not only willing to wear a life jacket, he also wanted to wear flippers.

Walking back from the flipper bins near the shallow end, we caught the attention of the instructor:

Instructor: You need to walk like this! (goes splay-footed) Think of Daffy Duck!
Oliver: SEAL!
Instructor: Or a penguin!
Oliver: No, a seal! I'm Sealiver!

And so Oliver found a new animal to pretend to be, splashing and barking in the pool, and I was renamed Seal-a-dad. He's still a bunny on dry land, however.


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