Friday, December 05, 2008

Inquiring minds

This afternoon I went to talk to Oliver and his preschool friends about the Dutch holiday of Sinterklaas (St Nicholas), which is on December 5 each year.

Some of the kid already knew me, so I figured it was a good idea to go around the circle and get introductions, although it dissolved halfway into 'Do you know what HIS name is?' and discussion of twin brothers who were allegedly aged 4 and 5 and the differences between their outfits.

It was generally chaotic but entertaining, given the various attention spans and inspired lines of questioning.

Who knows what today's date is?
'December the twelfth!'
December the 5th? 'No, December the five.'

On the subject of Holland:
'I've been to Holland! No ... it was Costa Rica!'
'I went to my grandma's farm once!'

On the chocolate initial letters that people give each other (for the first initial of their first name):
Girl: So I'd get a W because my name starts with W!
Me: What's your name?
Girl: L____.


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