Friday, March 30, 2007

Oliver's thoughts

On music:
'I just wanna listen to Gordon Lightfoot'

'What's it saying?'
(in response to Lightfoot's 'I'm Not Sayin'' as well as James Brown's various interjections like 'Heh!')

At the dinner table:
'What are you guys eating?'
(you guys is his newest pronoun)

'Is there blood on your knife?'
(we have no idea where he got that from)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Oliver's now insisting on being allowed to 'listen to one music' after breakfast as well as after dinner.

The other morning, I came back inside after starting the car to find that Mimi had brought Oliver downstairs to get ready to go out (a bit of a struggle, some days) and that Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete's From All Sides was playing on the stereo.

Mimi: I bribed him.
Me: With ... jazz?

I guess there are worse ways of making him compliant.


Oliver, watching Dora the Explorer's baby brother and sister (a/k/a the Super Babies) crying to wake up the giant teddy bear:

'Where are their tears?'

It seems the animators decided not to draw them. I had a sense that Oliver was uncovering a form of deception.