Thursday, March 26, 2009

The animal world

In the car:
Me: Oliver, do you need to go to the bathroom?
Oliver: No.
Me: Did you just fart?
Oliver: No. Uh, maybe a squirrel farted.

Mimi: Okay, who farted?
Oliver: Not me!
Me: I think it was some kind of furry mammal (rubbing Oliver's hair).
Oliver: I'm not a mammal.
Mimi: Yes, you are, because you have hair and a four-chambered heart and warm blood.
Me: And so do squirrels and cats and dogs.
Oliver: (looking around the room) Everything is mammals except lamps and radios and walls.


Outdoors on an early spring day:
'Flowers mix air and electricity to make oxygen'.

'I'm going to zip up my jacket now because I've got enough oxygen'.

At toothbrush time:
'I put a filling in my tongue to make it extra tastebuddy'.